Thursday, May 15, 2014

Why Are My Eggs Dirty?!

Most of our customers have probably noticed that we do not wash our eggs before sending them with you, but I bet you don't know why!   We do have a reason! We aren't just being lazy.  LOL

So here is why we do not wash our eggs.

Did you know that egg shells are porous?   God designed them to have a micro membrane coating on them called “bloom” to keep baby chicks and their environment safe and clean.  Bacteria has a hard time getting inside a dry egg. Washing dirty eggs removes the bloom and invites bacteria into the egg. Washing eggs in cool water actually creates a vacuum, pulling unwanted bacteria inside even faster!  So we don't wash our eggs because we believe it is safer for you.  

We do recommend that you wash your eggs with warm water before cracking them into your skillet.  

One of these eggs is not a farm egg! Do you know which one??

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Finally Spring!

Its Spring Finally! and we are so excited to be getting our first CSA share ready for pickup or delivery!  This weeks share is a little smaller due to some frost damage but expect it to be just as delicious.  And expect more to come in the next weeks as the weather improves.

1.    Red ursa and nero kale mix
2.    Farm fresh eggs
3.    Romaine lettuce
4.    Tom thumb
5.    Rapini
6.    Mint
7.    Dill

With some new items you are probably wondering what to use them for?  Here are a few of my favorite ways to use some of the veggies and herbs.


Brewing Mint Tea


One of my favorite things in the spring is fresh mint leaves to make mint tea.  Take about 4 sprigs of mint place in a quart jar and fill with boiling water. Let steep approximately 5 minutes and sweeten with your choice of sweetener. Delicious!!


A family favorite with this herb is dill buttered carrots. Steam baby carrots until just tender and then toss with butter,sea salt and fresh dill. This is an amazing side that even my biggest carrot hater enjoys!


This is also a family favorite! We love to make kale chips by placing leaves on a cookie sheet and drizzling with olive oil then lightly sprinkling with sea salt. We bake ours for about 15 minutes at 450 degrees. Just watch them close,  they will burn quickly! and who wants burnt kale chips?  We also like it sauteed with olive oil, salt and maybe some garlic.

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Weekly Farm Update

          Notice how full his crop is!
                                                                                          They are moved to fresh grass daily!  This is their first day out of the brooder pens and in the chicken tractors, I think they loved the grass!

The chicks are now in fact 3 weeks old, which I had said they were last week!!  Sorry for the misinformation, got my dates messed up!  Anyway the chicks actually arrived at our house on April 10th!  We still have all 130!!  I will try to post our feed ration in the next week or so!
Here is a picture of our small oat "field" so kindly left behind from the two red wattle pigs.  We raised them to butcher weight of about 340 pounds apiece in a moveable pen.  We will have you follow along when our two new pigs arrive in July or August!
 Rhodos Endive
 Red Iceberg lettuce
Tom Thumb lettuce

We are getting close to harvesting these!