Sunday, May 4, 2014

Weekly Farm Update

          Notice how full his crop is!
                                                                                          They are moved to fresh grass daily!  This is their first day out of the brooder pens and in the chicken tractors, I think they loved the grass!

The chicks are now in fact 3 weeks old, which I had said they were last week!!  Sorry for the misinformation, got my dates messed up!  Anyway the chicks actually arrived at our house on April 10th!  We still have all 130!!  I will try to post our feed ration in the next week or so!
Here is a picture of our small oat "field" so kindly left behind from the two red wattle pigs.  We raised them to butcher weight of about 340 pounds apiece in a moveable pen.  We will have you follow along when our two new pigs arrive in July or August!
 Rhodos Endive
 Red Iceberg lettuce
Tom Thumb lettuce

We are getting close to harvesting these!

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