Tuesday, June 24, 2014

You should be eating your lawn!!

No I am not kidding!

Your yard is full of great edible "weeds".  Here are a few I found in my yard. 
Plantain is very high in iron and it grows everywhere!
Blanche the leaves and then saute in butter just as you would any other green.

Dandelion, yes that annoying plant you are always trying to kill! Stop killing it eat it! Every part of the dandelion plant is edible. The leaves can be used in a fresh salad, the flower can be battered and fried, and the root can be made into dandelion tea.  Dandelions are full of vitamins including Vitamin A, C and Beta carotene.   

Red and White Clover are also every where. Their blossoms can be used as a tea and the greens in a salad. They are good for detoxification, decongestant,and they reduce inflammation. They are also full of vitamins including
 Vitamin A,C,B-2,B-3,calcium, chromium, lecithin,magnesium, and potassium.

Some other "weeds" that I dont have pictures for but that are also good for you are purslane, nettles and lambs quarter.  

Why woudl we share this with you?? Because we found seeds for these "weeds" on an heirloom seed website!! 

*Rachel Crawley*