Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Home Rendered Beef Tallow! It is Easy!

This fall we purchased a side of beef and I decided to keep everything! The organ meat, the bones, and the fat. I paid for it why shouldn't I take it all?

But it sat in the freezer until I had 30 organic chickens to put in there and I no longer had room! whoops!  But I didn't want it to all go to waste so what did I do I rendered the tallow and I made bone broth! (I will share about my bone broth in a later post)

So for rendering tallow here is what we did.

First we cut the fat into 1 inch cubes then we put it in the pans we planned to use. We had ALOT of fat so we tried 2 different methods.

  1. we used the crock pot on a low setting and let it cook all day and all night. The next day we strained it off and salted the cracklings (all of the stuff that comes to the top) and the kids snacked on them.
  2. The second method we actually liked a lot better.  We filled a roasting pan with the fat and covered it and then we placed it in the oven at 350 degrees for about 7 hours.   The cracklings were much crispier in this batch and we got a lot of tallow!  

First we cut the fat into about 1 inch cubes.
Rendered tallow before it had cooled.

After it cools it turns a very white solid color and can be used any way you would use shortening or oil to cook with.  

Why render your own tallow?? 

  1. It is super easy!
  2. It is cheaper than buying other healthy fats. approximately $5.00/gallon if you are buying grass fed fat from the store.  Coconut oil cost around $50.00/gallon.
  3. It is resistant from damage of heat when cooking.
  4. It makes the best homemade french fries in the world! 

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